Equine Photo Workshop with Carina Maiwald

Save the date and join us at the equine photo workshop from 26th Oct - 04th Nov 2019!

Boost your photography skills and learn from one of the TOP 10 equine photographers in the world!

Meet the legendary Marwari horses of India

Descended from the Gods


They have curled ears and you can feel their impressive presence long before you see them. The Marwari is an old and rare horse breed, only found in India. Their days as war horses are over, but the loyal, strong and persevering character still shines through their brilliant appearance. Some people believe these horses are descended from the gods and their breeding history goes back until the 12th century. Let's explore the legendary world of the Marwari and meet all kind of different horses on this photographic adventure!

Expand your Horizon

The soul of Marwaris
Boost your photography skills by learning from one of the best equine photographers of the world how to create emotional and soulful photos. Lots of sessions are planned to present the versatility of the Marwari in portrait and freedom in breathtaking locations such as traditional architecture, mysterious Banyan trees of an old Maharadscha Lodge, in water and varying desert landscapes. The true essence and power of this breed shows in the sand dunes, where it was originally breed for and feels mostly at home. Additionally we will have group sessions of post production where I will share my workflow in retouching.

Travel to the land of Wonders

Magical Culture


India hosts too many wonders and magic to just focus on horses. The journey will start at the date of Diwali, which is one of the biggest festivals in Hindu culture. "Diwali" means rows of lighted lamps and we will join the traditional celebrations. Furthermore you will have the chance to visit a Leopard sanctuary, famous forts and castles, shop on traditional spice and textile markets and explore temples. It comes naturally to also offer a trip to one of the 7 world wonders and UNESCO heritage - The Taj Mahal. All touristic trips are optional for you and will be discussed with the group.

Accomodation & Food

As a small group we travel around Rajasthan to shoot horses at the most beautiful locations. You will share double rooms in beautiful hotels or traditional houses and will also stay in a luxury camp in the middle of the desert There you will have the chance to ride on Marwaris through the desert ... doesn't this sound like a dream to you?
During the tour we will eat delicious traditional food to complete the cultural experience. The meals are suitable for a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Watch Carinas Journey to India

Video - India & Marwari 2018

About Carina

Growing up in Germany Carina Maiwald fell in love with horses at an early age and felt inspired by their uniqueness ever since then. The fascination about their beauty and strength lead her to being an award-winning photographer, now specialising in wild horses and equine related cultures.

She has dedicated her life to capturing the true essence of horses in every kind of way, as one of her life goals is to at least once visit each existing population of wild horses around the globe.

Carina was named twice as one of ten best equine photographers worldwide and is published by well-known medias such as National Geographic, CNN International, Digital Camera Magazine China and more. Further references contain worldwide fine art print sales and national tv programs as well as specialist articles.


Awards, Publications & More

National Geographic (PL), weather.com, Discovery, CNN international, Ukraine Airline Magazine, Horsemanship Magazine China, Adobe Lightroom, Digital Camera Magazine, C’t Fotografie, GoldMustang Russia, Pictures Magazine & more

2016 named twice as one of the top ten equine photographers worldwide (ranking TopTeny & RussianPhoto)

ND Awards (1st Place), ND Awards (2nd Place), MIFA (3rd Place), several Honorable Mentions & Nominees (International Photography Awards, Monochrome Awards, MIFA, One Eyeland, Black & White Spider Awards and more)

Booking & further information

Details & Price

  • 26th Oct - 04th Nov 2019; plan your arrival on Jaipur Airport
  • Number of participants: Minimum 4, maximum 8 people
  • Equine photo tour with photographic guidance & post production lesson
  • Total price - special offer:
    Early Bird ticket: 2150 €
    [normal ticket (if you book after 1st July): 2450 € | save 300 € by booking early bird!]

    Booking deposit is 600 euro, non-refundable and holds your spot. Payment via invoice (bank transfer or Paypal).


  • 14 Days tour (13 nights) accommodations in hotels, guest houses and in the camp
  • Meals at accommodations (suitable for vegetarians)
  • Airport pickup in Jaipur
  • Transfers during the tour
  • Photographic guidance & teaching by Carina
  • Photo sessions with Marwaris
  • 2x riding Marwaris in the desert (optional)
  • Access to Facebook group up front

Not included:

  • Flights (please arrive in Jaipur)
  • Entrance for sightseeing (optional)
  • Drinks in the hotels
  • Private expenses (shopping etc.)

Use of Photos and Travelinfo

All photos taken during this tour can be used in your portfolio, on your website and social media, when tagged with "Taken during India equine photo tour with Carina Maiwald & www.ridinginindia.com". No extended commercial use (selling, licencing etc.).

The areas where we travel to are absolutely safe for both women and men. The average temperature will be very warm around 25 °C during the day, but can drop a lot during night, especially in the desert (please pack warm clothes!).

If you want to expand your trip we are happy to assist you find hotels.


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