Travel Information for India

When you travel to India for the first time, you have a lot of questions. Do I need a visa, how is the weather, what do I need for riding, where can I get money, etc.? Here you can find some advice.


Accomodation during the rides is a combination of 3* and 4* heritage hotels, family homestays and Safari Style tents with bathrooms which include showers and hot and cold running water.


India has hot weather and a very different culture. What to wear?

Rajasthan is still very traditional. So even when it is very hot, it´s not common to wear short clothes and show too much skin. We recommend you to wear long trousers or skirts and dresses that cover minimum your knees. Also your tops shouldn´t be too short,  as a minimum the shoulders should be covered.

One more tip for riders: while riding for some hours in the sun, you get a sunburn very fast. Therefore some riders wear long and light shirts to cover their arms and protect their skin.

If you travel to India in the Winter months (Nov-Feb), you should bring warm clothes because it can be cold in the night.


With all of our rides the flights are not included. Normally we pick up our trail ride Groups at the airport. So when you book one of our rides we will give you detailed information which airport you should use and when you should arrive.

Just to know: in many airlines it is not allowed to carry powerbanks (for your cell or photo camera) in your baggage. Please carry it in your hand luggage.


The Indian food is very tasty! The herbs and spices make every meal special. Indian food is very spicy - but don´t worry, for our Groups the cooks adapt the meals to the European taste.

Typical Rajasthan food includes soups, rice, potatoes, a lot of different vegetables, yoghurt, sometimes egg dishes, but also chicken and mutton and different desserts. And don´t forget the Naan and Chapati - different kinds of Indian breads.

Please also have a look at "Medicine", there you get some more tips, how to take care of your health and hygiene.

The Indian coffee is not comparable to the European style coffee. Therefore you get the uncomparable Masala Chai. You will love it! One more tip for the drinks: Especially when you are in India the first time, we recommend you to drink just bottled water. Use it also to brush your teeth.


The horses are mainly pure Marwari Horses as well as pure or cross bred native Kathiawari horses. Both are an elegant, spirited breed with lovely 'bell' shaped ears. Most of the horses are between 14 and 16 hands. They are slim and athletic, generally narrower in build and thinner than horses in the west, and a forward going and responsive ride. English style saddles are used and saddlebags are provided where necessary.


Before you travel to India, you should talk with your doctor, which vaccinations and if necessary which medicine you may  need. Please follow the instructions of your doctor!

Sometimes it happens that tourists get in trouble with the climate or the food. Normally with the right medicine it doesn´t affect your holiday too much. According to that (and just in addition to the advice of your doctor!) we recommend to bring medicine for headache, diarrhoea, insect bites, fever, eye drops (for the sandy tracks at the rides), tissues (for same reason), plasters, antiseptic, suncream and a roll of toilet paper.


It´s important to know, that it is not allowed to bring Rupees to India. You have to bring your money and change it here. Changing currency  can be done at the airports. Possibly you don´t get the best rates there and you have to pay a fee. So we recommend only to change a small amount there. Many hotels also offer the service to change money, sometimes they don´t pay a fee, but get a lower change rate. For our travel Groups ,we can help with changing if required. It is also possible to withdraw cash easily from an ATM.

Riders Experience

The rides are usually between 4 and 7 hours riding a day, moving from place to place, broken with rests, for lunch and sightseeing. These rides are for reasonably confident intermediate to experienced riders who are comfortable, secure and in control on a well schooled horse at the walk, trot and fast canter and are used to riding in open country and over varied terrain. The horses are a well mannered ride, but they are naturally fairly spirited, so best suited to reasonably intermediate to experienced riders. The pace on the rides is moderate overall, but with good chances to canter, so it can be fast at times. Participants should also have a reasonably good level of general and riding fitness. The weight limit ist about 95kg (15 stone), but please contact us if you are over 90kgs (14st 2lbs).

Riding Equipment

For the Riding you need to bring a helmet, riding trousers and solid boots or shoes.  Gloves, sunglasses, sun cream and if necessary a long shirt are also recommended due to the hot weather and the intense sun.


It is very common in India to tip for services. In restaurants, taxis, for suitcase carriers, etc. The amount of the tip varies between 40 to 100 Rupees. So it´s helpful to always carry coins and small notes with you.

For our travel Groups we tip everything for you. Therefore we collect the complete tip from you in the beginning of the tour. Then you don´t have to worry  anymore and just enjoy your holiday and relax.


If you want to travel to India, you need a visa. Please ensure you apply and obtain the relevant visa in plenty of time before you travel. It´s necessary to have a valid passport and an Indian photo for the application (India has special requirements for the photo!).

You can apply for different kinds of visa. The Indian Embassy in your own country can advise you which kind of visa is the best for you. One possibility is an e-Visa (e-Tourist visa). More Information you will find here:


The best time to travel to India is from October to March. These months are always sunny and perfect to stay outdoors the whole day. In Winter months (Nov-Feb) it is a pleasant 18-25 degrees during the day, but can be cold at night and in early morning. In February it starts getting warmer and temperatures in the Summer can reach 45-50 degrees. We would not recommend to travel to India from June to September due to the monsoon season.